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Tis the Season...for Self-Care!

Yes, Self-Care's in Season, and in fact, it never went out of style! This holiday season, I want to encourage you to have a self-care hour for yourself, either daily or weekly. Self-Care can boost your confidence, alleviate your stress and anxiety, and can be great for your health overall. If you decide that will be at 3:00 PM daily, then let it be an hour that you devote to yourself! Here are 5 examples of what you can do in your Self-Care Hour:

1) Spend time with God; With Christmas upon us, oftentimes we lose sight of what the holiday is about, the King of Kings, our Lord and Saviour. We get preoccupied with Christmas Shopping, Christmas Parties, and Christmas Vacation planning. You can take time out to read your Bible, pray, fellowship with other believers, have devotional time, sing, and worship. Spiritual Care

2) Tap into your artistry; As a singer, I enjoy discovering and singing new songs. Do you enjoy art? Maybe you did in the past and if so, reconnecting with the art you once loved might be a way for you to honor and acknowledge your inner child. Mental and Spiritual Care

3) While connecting with friends and family, blocking and discontinuing the relationships you have with those people who enjoy disrupting your peace is also a form of self-care. Feel free to clean up your social media lists and phone lists. You don’t have to feel guilty about letting go of what doesn’t serve you. Social Self-Care

4) Read a great book! If you want to escape into a new world, a book is a great way to do just that. You can try sticking to your favorite genre or author or trying something new. You can read a book that uplifts you, heals you, or simply makes you laugh. Mental Self-Care

5) Have you been feeling anxious or angry? Journal about it! This will give you an opportunity to be vulnerable with you. If journaling is too new for you, try expressing yourself to your partner, a trusted family member, or a friend. It is important for you to feel heard. Emotional Self-Care

A self-care plan is important and should take into consideration your stressors, identity, hobbies, boundaries, and needs. Consciously putting yourself first and taking time out for yourself might be new, especially because the of messages we receive as men. But don’t worry, it is a process and if you’re feeling stuck, I can absolutely help you.

If you are seeking a new beginning and you need therapy, guidance, and life coaching, speak to me today about starting a New Chapter in your life!

Kevin Ufoegbune


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