I am a therapist, life coach, and registered social worker. I promote mental health and wellness through therapy and life coaching sessions as well as advocacy work. I have an interest and expertise in coaching and counselling unique populations such as the BIPOC community and Black boys and men and boys in particular. I am proud to guide and support clients of all backgrounds. You will be motivated and supported in using your voice and overcoming adversities and trauma you are facing.

I offer affordable counselling sessions that allow you to solve the problems affecting your life, using your individual strengths and abilities. I work with clients who have anxiety and depression. I take a culturally and racially sensitive approach as well as a strength-based perspective in working with my clients.

My strong values of integrity, respect, cultural sensitivity and empathy allow me to practice effectively as a life coach and counsellor. I challenge you to start a New Chapter today and to take control, as the author of your life! 

Private insurance plans typically cover some of the fees from services provided by a Registered Social Worker. Please review your policy.