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TD Bank Group: Capitalize on Your Wellness

Yesterday, I presented a virtual wellness session for TD Bank Group entitled “Capitalize on Your Wellness”. Within this session, I spoke to employees about the ways in which they can implement individualized wellness practices within their lives. An important note to mention about wellness is the fact that one’s identity within society might dictate their ability to access wellness resources. For instance, an individual with class privilege may have access to fitness facilities, nutritionists, and mental health therapists to enhance their wellness and mental health while an individual from a lower socioeconomic background might not have those privileges.

Another important consideration is the use of positive affirmations to enhance one’s self esteem and possibly one’s outlook on life. As a faith-based social worker, I incorporate positive affirmations that are biblical in nature. Positive affirmations can be useful to individuals of colour who want to enhance their wellness. Daily, we are bombarded with traumatizing stories of anti-Black racism and xenophobia and therefore, it is important for us to also reconstruct dominant narratives and stereotypes that afflict us. We can do this, with the use of positive affirmations.

It’s also important for individuals reconsidering their wellness, to revaluate who is in their circle and who provides them with the emotional support they need. Support systems are what I call wellness credits while those things that threaten our wellness are called wellness debits.

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Kevin Ufoegbune


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