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Positive Affirmations for Black Christian Men (part 2)

Jesus Christ will be with me always, for the rest of my life and forevermore

The Lord knew my mistakes before I made them, and he loves me regardless

Only with my eyes shall I see the reward of the wicked (Psalm 91:8); any evil arrows sent my way are returned to their sender

Today is a new day to strengthen my relationship with Yahweh and be a better man than I was yesterday

Generational curses and generational trauma do not belong in my future

I release anger, bitterness, and frustration from my life for Jehovah, the living God of miraculous wonder fights my battles with valor

May the Lord, the bishop of your soul, the King of angels, the merciful and faithful mighty one in battle fight your battles victoriously, and deliver you from any health issues, confusion, and oppression. This I pray in the holy and powerful name of Jesus Christ, Amen


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