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My Story

I was only a child when Antoinette Gagne (University of Toronto – OISE) worked with another white woman to sue my mother in 1999. Antoinette Gagne hoped that by trying to criminalize my mother, a Black woman from Nigeria, that she would destroy our family. My mother had to fight single-handedly for her rights and the rights of her children alone. As God, would have it, 20 years later, I embarked upon a PhD journey at the University of Toronto. Using violence and racial discrimination, Antoinette Gagne has worked with other professors and even students to make my academic journey difficult. Unbeknownst to me, the white supremacist, Antoinette Gagne was also a chair at that school. As it stands, the School of Graduate Studies has agreed to move me from her department, back to the Social Justice Education Department. Now, Njoki Wane (a professor collaborating with Antoinette Gagne) who is the chair of the Social Justice Education, is denying me entry so that my academic progress is once again, stalled. Through this ordeal, I have been empowered by my God, my family and the community to continue to fight for my rights as a Black man, your ongoing support is appreciated. Be blessed.


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