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Mental Health & Wellness in The BIPOC Community

I am Kevin Ufoegbune. Barriers in accessing mental health resources, medical distrust and other institutional barriers are experienced by members within the BIPOC community. Customarily, mental health resources have not historically favoured people of colour. When you look at post-secondary education programs in Canada, there are many structural barriers that discourage members of the BIPOC community from entering this field. In order to counteract the effects of structural barriers, I became a life coach.

For this reason, I carved out my own niche in being mindful of these barriers while passionate about serving my community and established my own service. I take a culturally and racially sensitive approach as well as a strength-based perspective in working with my clients. As a Black male myself, I understand that life as a person of colour is complex and not without its unique challenges such as a systemic racism. I am also mindful of the richness in existence and the privileges in our communities such as our families, talents, their spiritualities and self worth – these are our protective factors.

We know that some of the barriers are unfortunately unique to our communities because traditionally, we have stigmatized mental health issues and wellness as African and Caribbean peoples and we've normalized our own pain and trauma to some degree, but this does not have to be the case.

So, do not be discouraged in seeking support. This is your first step towards victory! I offer affordable services that honour your lived experiences and unique identities in a confidential manner within a safe environment. I hope you feel empowered in being able to recognize things going on in your life that are not the exactly the way that you want them to be. I commend you for seeking support - it's time for a New Chapter.

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