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Goal Mines: Ensuring Success in 2022

By now, we've all heard the quip, "my New Year's resolution is to NOT make any more New Year’s resolutions.” We have also visited gyms around this time in previous years, only to find them packed with people who eagerly want to obey their health and fitness New Year’s resolutions. In February, March and then all the way to Christmas time again, is anyone even reflecting on the resolutions they made in January by then? The answer is typically no. And therein lies the problem with New Year’s resolutions.

But, what about New Year’s Goals? Oftentimes, resolutions established in January, are made without much planning, and once uttered to oneself, are very broad. They often require a commitment from the resolutionist not to commit an act and once that act is committed, the resolutionist tends to give up all together. Goals, however, are bit more forgiving and understanding and in 2022, we all need a little of both. Achievable goals require measurement, planning and reflection. With support and sound guidance, one can find themselves on their way to success.

As a life coach, I can certainly help you set goals for the year ahead. One tip I would like to give you right off the bat is to consider taking Baby Steps. Oftentimes, one can get caught up in the fantasy of the finished product and that’s where anxiety can set in. With all things considered, you need to be good to yourself and give yourself time. Are you planning to write a book? Start with a word. Beginning the process is a success on its own.

Happy New Year! Have a blessed 2022 and be a blessing to someone else :) The fact that you are reading this is a gift. Thank you God.

If you are seeking a new beginning and you need therapy, guidance, and life coaching, speak to me today about starting a New Chapter in your life!

Kevin Ufoegbune


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