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Flavours of Africa: Recipes, Resilience and Lessons from My Mother

In 2011, my television program Flavours of Africa, debuted on SHAW in Calgary Alberta. In 2016, the show premiered nationally on Rogers Television (OMNI). My mother, Doris Ufoegbune a former teacher, was a successful caterer and began making television appearances, until we teamed up and produced this program. She created her own niche and has inspired me to celebrate my uniqueness as a man of colour and African person in the New African Diaspora!

It has been an inspiring journey for me as a young creator. Together with my mother, we highlight the importance of family, culture, food, and belongingness. Quite often, the New African Diaspora is silenced and so it has been a blessing to be able to use our voices on television, not only to tell our stories, but to encourage other people to tell their own, especially those stories that are often marginalized. In 2013, we appeared together on FOX News to introduce our dishes to the American public. That same year, I was also recognized as a role model by the Black Canadian Awards. We were the first African television personalities to host at the Calgary Stampede in 2014.

It has been a joy reaching such a diverse group of viewers. Some viewers write to us from the reserves in Canada, some viewers are African peoples that never imagined they would see their cultures represented on television. Other viewers are Canadians who have never tasted African cuisine and are introduced to something new!

I know that Flavours of Africa has inspired a change in the society and has invited viewers to new and delicious recipes!

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