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Beyonce is Wrong Don’t Quit Your Job!

At the risk of many stings from the Beyhive (lol), I want to advise you to be cautious of Beyonce’s career advice in her new song Break My Soul. In the latest house song from the entertainer, Queen Bey sings:

Now, I just fell in love And I just quit my job I'm gonna find new drive Damn, they work me so damn hard Work by nine, then off past five And they work my nerves That's why I cannot sleep at night

The Beyonce of today is quite different from the Beyonce from Destiny’s Child (the original four) we first knew. Back then, Beyonce was a Black RnB star who also appeared in Black movies and Black television shows. She is now the Michael Jackson of our time and a mainstream Black artist (to say the least). She is also married to a billionaire and rap mogul, Jay-Z. So when she sings about quitting her job and working hard from 9-5 without very much sleep, some of us are left scratching our heads. Regardless of her immense financial and celebrity growth over the years, she has always had class privilege at her disposal.

“It’s just a song,” those of the hive might say but that is not the case. Music is very powerful and listening to it is a spiritual experience. There are times we feel tired or sad and we put on our favorite track that has the power to transform our mood. Music influences us and plants seeds in our minds. What Beyonce is consistently doing is creating a soundtrack for our lives and she is strategic in mirroring her music and lyrics with socio-political issues the world is passionate about (Black Lives Matter, Equality, Women’s Empowerment etc.).

But I digress – my point is that in the wake of the Great Resignation (high levels of individuals quitting their jobs in 2021) clever Mrs. Knowles-Carter released this new anthem and while I don’t advocate for brash decisions, we need to think critically about why people (especially Millennials and Gen Zs are quitting their jobs or seeking new beginnings…new chapters if you will.

Here are some reasons For the Great Resignation that comes to mind:

Imposter Syndrome

This occurs when we doubt our own skills and abilities, especially at work or school. Imposter Syndrome can affect anyone but as members of the BIPOC community, I am finding that we are constantly talking about this issue, and we may be disproportionately affected. Imposter Syndrome can lead to depression and anxiety and can be so stifling for young people. It may lead to a worker becoming disengaged from the work they are doing and them resigning.

Inequity and Systemic Barriers

Far too often, we experience inequities, microaggressions, blatant racism, and systemic barriers on the job or at school. Sometimes we are not paid what we deserve. Because we live in a society that expects us not to speak out, we often must grapple with these issues internally. These issues do not make one want to get out of bed and go to work and they can certainly impact our mental health.

Unhealthy Work Environments

In some work environments, everything goes on except the work. Workers show up to socialize and things get cliquey while others get isolated. Sometimes raises and promotions at work are not based on merit but on how close a person is to those in charge. Those with ethical principles find it difficult to suffer these injustices in silence and quit.

Of course, as a life coach, I understand the reasons for one wanting to leave their 9-5 behind, and there are indeed, many more reasons. But I think that it is important to have an exit strategy. It is good to have a plan, and money set aside if possible before becoming boldly inspired by Queen Bey. I can certainly help you with this.

If you are seeking a new beginning and you need therapy, guidance, and life coaching, speak to me today about starting a New Chapter in your life!

Kevin Ufoegbune


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