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In Your Feelings: When to Post, When to Pass

By now, we’ve all heard about the negatives and positives of social media – it’s a great way to connect with family and friends and stay in touch, but too much of it can increase the risk of mental health illnesses. When you post a picture on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp or upload a TikTok and receive many likes for doing so, dopamine is released from your brain which in turn rewards this particular behaviour. This may lead to an endless social media/internet addiction.

While using social media, here is one tip that will remind you to use it responsibly and in healthy ways. Before you log on, you may wish to HALT! This acronym stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired. You may wish to avoid using social media when you are experiencing these strong feelings. Such feelings may result in negative experiences online that may impact your mental health.

To limit the use of social media, some users undergo a social media cleanse for days, weeks, months and sometimes even years. Others unfollow accounts they feel are addictive or hazardous to their mental health while some delete their social media accounts altogether. Some individuals accept social media consumption as a way of life and view, like, share, follow, swipe and post throughout the day.

Social Media is great when used responsibly and in moderation so long as the usage is healthy for you and others around you.

Have you been negatively impacted by social media and need healing as a result?

Are you experiencing an internet addiction and not sure what to do about it?

If you are seeking a new beginning and you need guidance, counseling, and coaching, speak to me today about starting a New Chapter in your life!

Kevin Ufoegbune


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