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For Brothers: The Truth About Trauma

TRIGGER WARNING: The following post deals with the sensitive topics of trauma and traumatic events

To traumatize someone means to upset them in a manner that is harmful and threatening to their psychological and physical well-being. Traumatic events are serious and cause someone to suffer emotionally; such events can be very dangerous. A group of individuals may experience the same event but only one of the individuals may find the event traumatic. For example, three friends experience an earthquake, but only one friend is traumatized. The individual who is traumatized might have flashbacks of the earthquake and possibly have trouble processing the event; they may find that the event is causing a significant amount of distress and mental health issues. How a person relates to a potentially traumatic event can be linked to their resilience. Traumatic events are in some ways subjective and therefore, cannot be diagnosed by professionals. The traumatic event may or may not lead to PTSD. Some individuals may experience disassociation as a response to the traumatic event.

3 Possible Symptoms of Trauma

· The individual did not have adequate preparation to deal with the event which occurred arbitrarily and viciously (i.e., an individual experiences an unexpected hurricane)

· The individual did not feel they had the tools to deal with the event which occurred frequently (i.e. a lack of money, protection, or knowledge)

· The individual experienced the event in the childhood or teen years of their life

It is important for Black men to have safe spaces and strong support systems that are empowering so trauma can be worked through and overcome. Black men who are survivors of trauma are less likely to access mental health services that could help address trauma compared to others. Black men experience a great deal of crises because of gendered racism, yet experience barriers in accessing useful resources.

Are you a Black male exploring your healing options? It is important that you speak to a trusted individual. You deserve peace and clarity in your life.

If you are seeking a new beginning and you need guidance, counselling, and life coaching, speak to me today about starting a New Chapter in your life!

Kevin Ufoegbune


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