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About Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is a mood disorder that is quite difficult for people to understand let alone talk about. One can feel sadness, and one can feel down for some moments at a time. It is normal for people to feel sad for a day because of circumstances or even the weather however, clinical depression (also known as depression) is quite different. Clinical depression is prolonged sadness that lasts for a minimum of two weeks. Many years ago, feelings of shame prevented people from speaking out about the illness and today, despite some remaining stigma around mental health, people understand how common it is and how discussions about it in safe environments are imperative.

Clinical depression has a lot to do with how people think, feel and behave. A therapist may employ the use of cognitive behavioral therapy as well as other methods of treatment for people experiencing it. Unfortunately, it can take years before someone asks for help. If a person identifies as being from the BIPOC community (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) or are male, they might be more reluctant to reach out to a therapist given the stigma of mental health in our communities. Below are symptoms commonly associated with clinical depression.

Possible Symptoms of Clinical Depression

1) A loss of interest in hobbies and regular activities (especially the ones that give you joy)

2) Prolonged feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and sadness

3) Difficulty concentrating in school, work or during other everyday tasks

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Kevin Ufoegbune


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