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Shhh…Rumor Has It: Unverified Truths Can Be Detrimental

Rumors are those stories or small bits of information that are not confirmed to be true. Rumors can spread like wildfire, engulfing those victimized, in flames of frustration and distress. Besides learning our ABCs and figuring out how to tie our shoes, in elementary school, we were all introduced to the danger of spreading rumors. Squabbles and physical fights on the playground often started with one kid spreading rumors about another, especially in middle school – the drama! Subsequently, either out in the hall or in the principal’s office, students would agree to a ceasefire and consequences followed.

(If students were African, they prayed their parents were not called at home lol).

Lessons that were learned in recess seemed to be forgotten today by some adults. This is especially the case in fields that require a great deal of communication and therefore give way to chit-chat and water cooler banter amongst employees. Who is dating who, who is breaking up with who, and who is doing what are often questions of interest in staff rooms and clandestine work meetings.

Do you ever notice that secrets are often whispered and that rumours never take place with the rumored individual being present? Rumour-spreaders take pride in their craft, and it is more fun for them to spread baseless lies while the rumoured individual is none the wiser. Feeling intimidated, they will never confront you.

Power presents itself in many ways. Like good things, bad things also serve a purpose, in a way. Rumours can take place in the workplace, school settings, universities (to rumour or not to rumor that is the question), and other social organizations. In smaller workplaces, oftentimes, when bullying takes place, an individual might be targeted.

One may become a target in the workplace and be seen as a threat to the other employees because of their uniqueness, skills, and/or qualifications. Employees might rally together and spread rumours about the employee with the hope that they will become discouraged and quit. An employee who might feel insecure about their position in the company might work diligently to spread rumours about another, mask their own insecurities, and bond with other colleagues by ostracizing someone else.

Grammy award winner India Arie sang, the truth it needs no proof, either it is, or it isn’t – and you know the truth by the way it feels. From my experience and through my faith, I know the truth always prevails and will always be uncovered. Our intuition often tells us what is true and what is not. There are people who will believe rumours about you, not because they are truly convinced, but because they may have feelings of jealousy towards you and have been searching for a reason to work against you. But what is said about you, is none of your business. Know yourself, stand tall, listen to your spirit, and establish good boundaries.

“People will question all the good things they hear about you but believe all the bad without a second thought.” – Anonymous

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Kevin Ufoegbune


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