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Dance for your Healing!

I was living in Nigeria from 2019-2020 and returned just a day before COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. The video below is of high school students performing traditional dances in my town. I love how my people, the Igbos of Nigeria and specifical Anioma people use dance to mark life events such as births, weddings, birthdays and even death. I was always amazed to see people smiling beautifully and moving their entire bodies to traditional music composed by local instruments at my grandparents' burials.

Dancing is something we often forget about in the west. To move our bodies on beat (or not) often means that we have to be free, vulnerable and real - this is not always encouraged here. Nevertheless, healing one's body can involve many practices, seeing a psychotherapist, creating positives affirmations and dancing!

Here are three benefits of dancing:

1) It helps one to heal from anxiety and depression

2) It encourages one to keep a positive mood

3) Encourages a healthier lifestyle

Take a look at the video below, I hope it inspires you, enjoy:


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