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A Month without Music as a Christian

Ok, I wasn't completely without music...just secular music. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that secular music is a sin, but since the beginning of January (and continuing), I decided to take a break from actively consuming secular music. What is the spirit(s) behind music that does not worship our God Yahweh? Especially in today's day and age, we have a better understanding of what some mainstream musicians experience mentally, physically, and spiritually in "rising to the top".

Common themes abundant in rap music and R&B are physical violence, substance abuse, lust, revenge, self-glorification, frustration, hatred, unforgiveness, and so forth. This is to the glory of white supremacy and also the enemy as such themes are celebrated by Black youths who see such artists and their works as role models and idols. Will I ever consume any secular music again (I haven't yet broken the fast)? It's possible, if I am being honest however, it will be consumed with more discernment, as I will be careful of what I am taking in.

For now, I am enjoying listening to a variety of worship music in the forms of reggae and Afrobeat as well as as classic Igbo/Nigerian songs. I appreciate the space that secular music has left in my life. I can fill it with even more time with the Lord as I partake in day-long spiritual self-care, praying and listening to worship music.

Kevin Ufoegbune


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